Ester van Gooswilligen og bamser i koronatid

Fills Town with Teddies

The Salvation Army´s Ester van Gooswilligen wanted to help families be more active during corona.

• Foto: Ingunn Walderhaug, Dalane Tidende
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The Salvation Army in Norway is engaged in many ways in helping through the corona crisis; also in making every day life easier for isolated families during the national lockdown. In Egersund, corps leader Ester Danielsdottir van Gooswilligen encouraged the local community to place teddybears in windows.

– Now the families have a lot less to do to get through the days, says Ester.

– But a teddy hunt in the neighbourhood is easy, helps being active and can be a great motivation to go out and do something together - on a safe distance from others.

The idea spread

Se quickly got the front page of local newspaper Dalane Tidende to share her initiative, which has quickly spread.

– It´s already in the neighbouring municipalities. An competition element in it all can be to see how many teddies one is able to find in windows per walk. The record so far is as far as I know 73 teddies in a 1,5 hour walk, she smiles.

Ester encourages The Salvation Army also elsewhere to enter into similar initiatives through their networks where appropriate.