Dynamo ungdomsteam Frelsesarmeen jeløy moss undervisning praksis barne-og ungdomsarbeider diakonimedarbeider gress

Dynamo: Practical information

The programme is approved for loans and grants in Lånekassen, and the completed course gives 60 credits.

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Student fees

NOK 35 000 for each semester. This covers housing with home appliances, some furniture for lending, tuition fees, a longer study trip (in recent years this has been to Iceland), shorter domestic trips, photocopying, internet, and lunch.

When you have been assigned, you need to pay a deposit of NOK 5,000. This will not be refunded if the applicant withdraws after 1st of June the year the programme starts.

The whole year costs NOK 75,000.

Formal admission requirements

There is a requirement for study competence, a certificate or a three-year upper secondary school. It is also possible to apply on the basis of other competence if you turn at least 19 years of age in the year of application.

A personal assessment is also made on the basis of references and the information provided in the application, taking into account that the team must be able to live, study and travel together all year round.


Each student has their own room in a nice apartment with private bathroom / shared bathroom with one person. There are beautiful common areas with sofa corner, kitchen and TV. There is some furniture for loan.


The Salvation Army owns and operates both a resource centre and an training college at Jeløy outside Moss. The theoretical part of the teaching will take place where the training college is located, in one of the more venerable and newly restored buildings.

The Dynamo team will travel a lot, mainly in Norway, but it will also potentially be a trip to Iceland and other nearby countries.

In the year 2021/2022, the team travelled to Kristiansand, Harstad, Copenhagen, Iceland and Northern Norway, with a day trip to Russia.

Monday 22 August, 2022 (arrival on Sunday 21 August)

Autumn holiday
Week 40 or 41

Christmas holiday
Weeks 51 and 52

Winter holidays
Week 8 or 9

Easter holiday
Week 14

Last week of school
Week 26

Application deadline

There is ongoing admission, i.e. applications are processed as they are received. If there is room, applications can be processed right up to the start of the study programme.


Bilder fra området Frelsesarmeen har på Jeløy utenfor Moss.
Bilder fra området Frelsesarmeen har på Jeløy utenfor Moss.
Bilder fra området Frelsesarmeen har på Jeløy utenfor Moss.
Bilder fra området Frelsesarmeen har på Jeløy utenfor Moss.
On the island Jeløy, outside of Moss, The Salvation Army has a local Church fellowship, a Resourcecenter and a Training College. In addition The Salvation Army has a broad range of activities for people struggling with drugs, such as sailing, bicycling and street soccer. The area are situated close by the sea, and Oslo is only an hour away.

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